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Hannah Price|Diamonds|Recon|Emma Watson|Open

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Hannah Price|Diamonds|Recon|Emma Watson|Open

Писане by Wendy Diamond on Чет 30 Авг - 14:01

“Smiling faces sometimes pretend to be your friend
Smiling faces show no traces of the evil that lurks within
Smiling faces, smiling faces sometimes
They don’t tell the truth”

Goes by: Hannah Price
Hometown: New York City, New York
Age: 24
Occupation: Reconnaissance for the Diamonds
Sexuality: UTP
Face Claim: Emma Watson

Hey girl, open the walls,play with your dolls. Places, places, get in your places Throw on your dress and put on your doll faces Everyone thinks that we're perfect Please don't let them look through the curtains.
Wendy Diamond

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